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December 20, 2007
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Come to Coconut Island by ShoNuff44 Come to Coconut Island by ShoNuff44
Hula-Girl:..Wanna go on a vacation where you can have great adventures, see roaring Valcanos...swim with the fishies in the cool water...and witness the hot Fire-Dances of yours truely?

..Then Coconut Island is the place you wanna go..

So what are you waiting for?....Pack your bags ...and come visit ME on Coconut Island ...NOW!!

....first one to get here gets the first dance!!

Hope you like the pic...I was experimenting with the tools in Photoshop...not bad huh?

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amazing !! love the way you blend the colours !!
I have a sudden need to go to coconut island....
psiandco Jul 31, 2012  Student Writer
I have this fantasy, it goes something like this:

while flying a small private plane towards florida Something wierd happens.
bermuda triangle-time warp-dimmensional portal thingy, and I end up crashed
on an exotic island paradise- the home of the greek AMAZONS!
(*NOTE: They aren't immortal, they have this magical artifact they call the mother stone.
If an amazon stays under the light of mother stone for an hour,
She becomes pregnant and the children are always females, with perfect athletic physiques.*)
Anywho, "men' had become monsters of myth and legend and were forbidden,
for any man can destroy the motherstone just by touching it.

So anywho, I crash, and I am chased from one end of the island to the other and back again,
by gorgeous warrior women bent on killing me.
Through a fortunate twist, I lose almost all of my pursuers.
this one amazon 'Xiabel' took a short cut and she found me trying to find a place to hide among the shattered ruins. Xiabel lept down from her perch to the creek bed below- QUICKSAND!
Her cry of surprise and desperate struggle made me do something stupid. I ran back and pulled her out.
rather than thanking me for saving her life, we fought. I was lossing.
a second amazon "Lakashi" sucker punched me, knocking me out. 'Lakashi' amazon was Xiabel's dreaded bully, and rival. This was her golden oportunity to destroy Xiabel. Lakashi had wittnessed the scene from a distance. Lakashi told Xiabel, "you know the law" and an argument broke out among the warrioresses about what they should do.
They tie me up and bring me to their queen, to be judged...

As it turns out, saving a life is greatly honored in amazon law.
The woman I had rescued, Xiabel, was she bound to me by the debt?
was she to die along with me for my trespass?
was I going to be sacrificed to preserve their ways?
I don't know, the dream usually ends when I come back to my senses.
Xiabel and I are bound, kneeling, surrounded by amazons pointing spears at us,
as we are being judged by the queen.
Ninjastorm08 Nov 3, 2013  Student Filmographer
Sounds exactly like One Piece's Amazon Lily arc, but with a slight twist.
psiandco Nov 3, 2013  Student Writer
 Haven't had cable TV four the last six years. I am 41 now and had never seen an episode of one piece.
You could also say that it reminds one of the webcomic "Outsider- humanity in the crossfire"...
Or wonder woman's origin story with "Steve Trevor"...
or ...

I guess a lot of people have a weakness for being vulnerable, studied, and explored by an alien of some kind - Obviously, I prefer women to capture me; Be they a grown up version Anna sophia rob to Zentradi girls ala robotech. That's women, A to Z!
wow...reading this, its almost like i was watching a movie !! a very creative mind you have there friend !! :D
This is a movie?
Count-KraumBurger1 May 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wow great work on photoshop
Me: Gee, it sure is bor...
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