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July 10, 2008
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On the air with The TIGERS by ShoNuff44 On the air with The TIGERS by ShoNuff44
And were backon WNUF and I'm here today with three special guest ..the Former cage champion turned Professional Golfer, Welcome Tygris Woodrou to the show--

TYGRIS: Can we hurry this up I have a golf game with some of the big-wigs of My country club!!

And with him are two very lovely Tiger twins ...Tira and Tyra..

T and T: Hello!!

Tygris, You were once a great..a champion..Now you are a Professional Golfer...why the change?

TYGRIS: Well as you know I am a master of "Tiger-Style" Kung-fu and wrestling. No one could stop me ..untill that Damn gray wolf found my Achilles heel and used it against me!

and what was that?

TYGRIS: Do you think I'm telling you Poor man? After a while I grew tired of fighting Peasant Poor fighters.. so I left the cage for a more ..Civilized I am the best in the world!!

Who did you loose to ...Shred?

TYGRIS: That Piss poor Peasant..he just got lucky that night!!

T and T: ...(and so did we heehee)!!

TYGRIS: Silence you two!!

Well Tygris and Twins, we have some callers on the line that wanna ask you guys some questions ..wanna take some calls?

TYGRIS: Fine...I'll amuse you middle-class people with my highly priced schooling knowledge!!

Alright get one question for Tyrgis?

(OK people got a question for Tygris...go for it)
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Tygris, y'know for a guy with so much success and good upbringing at his feet, enough to make even other billionaire's jealous, you come off as being a bit poverty stricken in character. I'm a peasant nobody 'kay? But even I feel kinda bad for you not being able to appreciate what Shred actually did for you in beating you...
He's freed you from your own narcissism however much you try to hide it and this COULD be your opportunity to cultivate some real integrity and grit like him
Hay Tygris, I hearing rumors about you being friends with shred as kids while learning to fight. Is that real?
If it would be alright with you and anyone who helped you make this beautiful piece or work. I would love to feature this in a video montage dedicated to Anthro Tigers on YouTube. If yes your screen name, or names if more then one is involved, will be in the credits and there will be a link back to your DA page or whatever page you'd prefer. Please let me know when you can respond to this request.
Hey Tygris, is it true that Shred shoved a phone booth up yer ass?
these two go to tygris: any particular reason why you have an 80ft flag pole shoved high up your ass? any particular reason why you think this flag pole up your ass is your pretty little plastic throne?
InBlockMan99 Feb 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Tygris: is either Tira or Tyra single? if so, is it okay if i at least take one out to date. (PLEASE DONT HURT ME I BREAK EASILY :()
liliumofdeath Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Tygris: how would you deal with rich girls that have more money then you
greatscotty2012 Jun 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
tygris tell me the truth the only reason your pissed at shred is because he gave you what your momma should have years ago, an ass beating. also you do relize you have a girls name right.
Yo Twins, ever tried getting out of the house?
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